Video Post(!) : Football Field Fundamentals

I know that video posts in blog posts are technically supposed to be called “vlogs,” but I just can’t do it. The English language is ridiculous enough as it is without adding new ridiculous words to the mix. And is it really so hard to just say the extra word? Must we merge the two into one? How much longer does it really take to say “video blog” as opposed to “vlog,” and what, exactly, are you planning on doing with those extra 0.25 seconds?

People, join me. Resist the urge to merge.

In other, less grammatically-inclined news, I made a video post…and I survived! I’m so much better with typing words onto a screen than speaking words while looking into a screen. However, I wanted to make this one in preparation for the upcoming Influence Network class in an effort to force myself to stop being Chicken Little. Plus, I’ve wanted to feature video posts here for a long time! I think that sometimes concepts are easier to grasp when they are explained out loud and shown with a visual, so count on more video posts in the future.

This video will help you grasp the basic fundamentals of a football field. If you need to call in the reinforcements, you can always check out the Football Field Fundamentals post, too!

Two things to consider post-video:

1. If you haven’t signed up for Understanding Football, high tail it over to the Influence Network and sign up! The class is only ONE WEEK from today!

2. Is there something you’d like to see covered in a video post as opposed to a regular post? Leave your ideas in the comments!