Definitions : The Blind Side

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Chances are you’ve seen the movie The Blind Side. But do you know the term for which it was named?

The blind side refers to the side the quarterback is facing away from when he drops back and sets up to pass. For right-handed quarterbacks, this is the left side. For left-handed quarterbacks, it’s the right. Here’s Ravens tackle Michael Oher, whose life the movie documents, protecting Joe Flacco’s blind side (which is right-handed Joe’s left side) (putting it like that makes him sound like a cowboy in a western, doesn’t it?):

football, definitions, blindside

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The quarterback’s blind side is protected by the left tackle (presuming he is a right-handed QB). While all offensive linemen have a specific role to play, the left tackle position has long been put at a premium due to his role in protecting the quarterback when he drops back to pass. Getting hit on the blind side is a disaster for a quarterback. He never sees the hit coming, so he doesn’t have time to prepare his body for the hit or protect the ball from getting jarred loose. Hit on the blind side = prime opportunity for a turnover. Protecting the blind side is critical for the health of the quarterback and effective ball security.

Author: Beka