What to Know : After Week 16

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Just a few notes on the week that was Week 16:

  • Calvin Johnson broke Jerry Rice’s single season receiving yards record on Saturday night against the Falcons. The Lions lost, but it was a personal victory for Johnson, who couldn’t deserve it more.
  • AP only got 80 yards closer to Dickerson’s record. He still needs 200+ to break it, and the Vikes play the Packers next week in the season finale.
  • Speaking of, the Packers held the Titans to a mere 7 points in a 55-7 stomping at Lambeau on Sunday. The Pack’s run defense is ranked 14th in the league, but last time the Vikings played the Packers Adrian Peterson ran all over them for 210 yards. He need 208 to break the record, so it’s a definite possibility.
  • J.J. Watt inched closer to Strahan’s record with one sack on Ponder, but Aldon Smith didn’t get anything on Wilson. Watt needs 2 sacks to break the record, so we’ll see how he fares against the Colts next Sunday. (Last time: 3 sacks and a career performance. So again, entirely possible.)
  • The Steelers have been ousted from the playoffs by the Bengals, which is fitting since it was Andy Dalton’s first win against the Steelers. The Bengals are officially in as a Wildcard team and are looking hot.
  • Not looking hot: the Giants. They are a team trying to claw their way into the playoffs, but they sure didn’t play like it yesterday. The Ravens won easily.
  • Kudos to the Saints for not laying down and calling it a season. They put up quite the fight against the Cowboys yesterday and won the game in overtime after a near-fatal fumble that ended up putting them in field goal range.
  • With the Giants and Cowboys both losing and the Redskins winning, the ‘Skins are officially in. Seriously, who isn’t happy for this team? Coming back from 3-6 to potentially get the #4 seed in the playoffs? Not even a Wildcard spot? Amazing.
  • Also amazing: Russell Wilson. He led the Seahawks to a thorough stomping of the Niners last night. The Niners loss moves the Packers up to the #2 Seed in the NFC playoff race (thank you, Seahawks).
  • Weird surprises: the Patriots scratched out an ugly win against Jacksonville, and Christian Ponder had a career day in the Vikings win against the Texans.
  • Unsurprises: Chargers beat Jets. Dolphins beat Bills. Broncos beat Browns. Packers beat Titans.

Author: Beka