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I’m Beka. I love a lot of things, but I might love football most of all.

I’ve loved football basically forever. I remember being 10 years old and watching Brett Favre run around the Superdome with his helmet held high overhead, celebrating what would soon be the Packers victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI. From that moment on: I was hooked.

The all-consuming emotion of fandom? That’s easy to acquire. But when I wanted to learn more about the game I loved? That was quite the mountain to climb. I felt like there were no resources for people (namely, women) who wanted to learn the basics and beyond from a reliable source. So I set out to learn everything I could, create the resource I couldn’t find, and hopefully help some other people out along the way.

In this space, you can expect to feel welcomed and empowered. You can feel free to ask ANY question you want without fear of judgement (because I’m still learning, too!). You can enter here knowing that this isn’t a place for player-bashing and coach-questioning. Here, we lift people up and point out the positive, not the negative. We’re all about encouragement.

You can also know, 100%, that you CAN learn the ins and outs of football. I know you can! You don’t have to suffer through one more meaningless season.

Have a question about Football for Normal Girls that wasn’t answered here? Be sure to check out the FAQ section, or by all means, please feel free to shoot me an email or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for being here! Thanks for being you!

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