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Q: Why Football for Normal Girls?

A: Because when I started to learn the game in earnest I found myself asking over and over again, “Where is all of the stuff for NORMAL people?!” It seemed like all of the information was either too manly (coded in jargon) or too girly (covered in pink). I needed something in between, something that would give me a reliable education without assuming that I knew too much or too little.

So, I set out to create something myself!

I’m just a normal girl. I love Pinterest and romantic comedies and I Instagram pictures of my dinner before I eat it. And I know there are other normal girls out there who are desperate for legitimate resources – either so they can further their knowledge of football or survive the season with their football lovin’ families – so this is for all of you! I know we can build a great community of empowered football fans here.

Q: Why are there pictures of flowers and coffee and pie everywhere?

A: Because I love you guys, and I wanted you to have a beautiful space to learn in. Not that photos of hunky football players wouldn’t be beautiful as well…but I wanted to infuse little slices of creativity into these pages, as well as bits of everyday life.

Q: What if I don’t love football and don’t care to learn about it?

A: THAT’S OK! Really! I didn’t create this resource just for girls who love football, I also created it for women who don’t want to hate their lives on Sundays during the season and miss out on quality time with their friends and families.

You may not love football – you might not even like it! – but maybe something here can help you feel educated and empowered when you head over to a friend’s house for the game. Or maybe it’ll help you connect with your football-obsessed son or daughter. Or maybe you’ll just enjoy this space because of the wonderful people who inhabit it! Whatever brought you here, I’m glad you’re here, and I’d love to help you in any way I can (football-related or otherwise!).

Q: What can I expect to learn?

A: Honestly, anything you want. I’ll cover the basics forwards, backwards, and upside down so that we all have a firm foundation to stand on. But I also want to empower those of you who are ready for some advanced material, so there will be plenty of that as well. Have a question that hasn’t been answered yet? Please let me know! I’d love to learn more about it and answer it for you. You can get in touch with me through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Q: Do you have a favorite team?

A: I love the Green Bay Packers with an intensity that knows no bounds. Green Bay has been my team ever since I was 10 years old (and saw the light after a brief foray into Cowboys fandom…a boy I liked was a Dallas fan, and how else do you choose a team when you’re in 4th grade?). The Packers have been a constant for me ever since, and as an adult I’ve grown to love the franchise history and integrity just as much as I love the team itself.

Q: What do you do when you’re not doing this?

A: I’m a freelance writer and photographer! When I’m not here, you can usually find me over at my other website, bekawatts.com, or contributing to a collaborative project called Yes to More. I love the Lord with all my heart and seek to know, love, and serve Him more every day. I drink a lot of coffee, Instagram my life, and laugh as much as possible.

(Have a question not included in the FAQ? Let me know and I’d be happy to answer it for you!)

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