The 12 Posts of Playoffs : 1 Winner

football, basics

football, basics, playoffs, winner

Now that the conference championships have been decided, we know the representatives from each conference: the Broncos will be representing the AFC and the Seahawks will be representing the NFC. This is weird because both teams were the #1 seeds for their conference. #1 vs. #1 in the Super Bowl happens practically never.

The Broncos and the Seahawks will face off at MetLife Stadium in NYC next Sunday to determine an ultimate winner. Which conference is most likely to come out on top? It’s a pretty even split. Since the merger in 1970, the NFC has won 25 titles and the AFC has won 22. It’s truly anyone’s game!

Next week is entirely devoted to getting you ready for the Super Bowl. The Surviving the Super Bowl Series is back and better than ever! Starting on Monday, we’ll go over the Basics of Offense, the Basics of Defense, the Basics of Special Teams, and have a quiz to test your knowledge. Then we’ll preview the Super Bowl with everything you’ll need to know about game day.

It’s going to be a wonderful week.

See you all on Monday!

Author: Beka