Film Room : Name That Player

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We’re going back in time in today’s film room post to further break down film we’ve already broken down. Because we’re just that intense! We’ll be taking a closer look at the first four weeks of film and identifying two players in each big play using the lessons we learned in Monday’s fundamentals post.

And because it’s been far too long since we’ve had a good old fashioned quiz around here, we’re going to up the ante and do questions today, answers tomorrow.

Gazelle-like intensity, I tell ya.

Ok peeps, here we go. In each video, I’m going to ask you to identify a specific player on the offense and defense. Use the workflow we talked about on Monday to figure it out: uniform number, context, roster. Watch the video, jot down your answers to the question, and check back tomorrow to see if your answers are correct.

In our first film room post we learned how the Falcons worked together to create Roddy White’s phenomenal catch against the Panthers.

Question 1: Identify the following players and their position: 84 (Falcons), and 43 (Panthers)

The following week we moved on to the Patriots vs. Broncos and saw the Patriots do what they do: turn a 3rd and 17 into a first down.

Question 2: Identify the following players and their positions: 39 (Patriots), 25 (Broncos)

Next, we moved onto my favorite film room week: the big Packers victory over the Texans on Sunday Night in Week 6.

Question 3: Identify the following players and their positions: 75 (Packers), and 99 (Texans)

Finally, we went back to the Creamsicle game.

I’m sorry.

Question 4: Identify the following players and their positions: 44 (Bucs), and 50 (Saints)

Ok, gang! Hop to it! See you all back here tomorrow for the answers.

(You’ll all be 4 for 4, I’m sure!)

Author: Beka