Pop Quiz!

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What's more invigorating than a quiz on a Monday morning? Grab a cup of coffee and let's chat about that.What’s better than starting a Monday off with a Pop Quiz style bang?

A lot of things, probably.

BUT, not in the case of this pop quiz! There’s a great Fundamentals post coming your way tomorrow that was originally intended for today, but once I uploaded an illustration of basic offense and defense I realized I couldn’t not quiz you guys on all of it first. I mean, come on. What kind of blogger am I? But if you’ve been following along, you’re going to rock it. And then once you conquer a Football for Normal Girls quiz you’re going to be so ready to roll with the rest of this week feeling all accomplished and knowledgable, and really, isn’t that a great way to start a Monday?

I think so too.


Take a look at the picture below and identify the following:

  1. All of the players on the field (there are two potential tricks here)
  2. The strong side and weak side of the field
  3. What formation the offense is in
  4. Where the quarterback will take the snap from
  5. What personnel group is on the field
  6. What formation the defense is in
  7. What techniques the defensive line players are lined up in
  8. The Sam linebacker
  9. The Will linebacker
  10. What type of coverage the corners are playing


basic, football, offense, defense

Need a minute to think it over?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

(For the record, it’s late on Sunday night and I worked all weekend. My humor meter is running dangerously close to the “everything’s funny!!!” line. My apologies in advance.)

Ok, time’s up! Here are your answers (not in the form of questions):

  1. I’m going to inspire a little confidence in you all right here, right now. I KNOW you know what players are on the field, so I’m not even going to list them all. But in the event that you don’t know them or need a hand with a few, there’s no shame in that! Double check the glossary or read this post for extra help,. Now, the two that I thought might stump you are the illusions to the safeties way back in the defensive secondary. There wasn’t room to illustrate them correctly (my bad), so I just made them ghosts of letters without color-blocked squares hanging out behind the linemen. Poor safeties. A good clue that something was up was the fact that there were only 9 squares on the defensive side, and each side always fields 11 players. 
  2. The strong side is the side of the field where the tight end is lined up. The weak side, as you might imagine, is the side of the field without the tight end. In this example, the strong side is the left side and the weak side is the right side.
  3. The offense is in the I-formation – nice and easy since we can clearly see the line that looks like an “I” in the backfield. We learned about that one, and a bunch of other formations, in this post about formations.
  4. The quarterback is going to take the snap from under center. We know this because he is lined up directly behind the center. If he were 5-7 yards further back, he’d be taking the snap from the shotgun. Check out this post about snaps for more information.
  5. We’re dusting the cobwebs off with this question! The personnel group lessons were eons ago so if you didn’t quite remember, don’t sweat it. You can reread those two posts here and here. But if you do remember (great job!), you’ll know that the 11 personnel group is on the field – 1 running back, 1 tight end.
  6. I think we’ve probably hammered this lesson home hard enough that you answered without hesitation: this is a 3-4 defense. (But if you need a refresher, check out any of these posts.)
  7. Thanks to last week’s Fundamentals post, we know that the DT is lined up directly over center and is therefore playing 0-technique, and the ends are lined up directly over the tackles so they are playing 5-technique.
  8. The Sam linebacker is the strong side linebacker, or the linebacker on the tight end’s side. In this case, he’s the one on the left.
  9. The Will linebacker is the weak side linebacker, or the linebacker on the opposite side from the tight end. In this case, he’s the one on the left (or RIGHT! – just checking to see if you are still paying attention).
  10. The cornerbacks are lined up directly across from the wide receivers. Thanks to this post, we know that means they are probably playing man coverage. (Although the left corner might play zone with that wide receiver a few yards off the line.) (You’d think I would have a plan in place, since I drew up the play.) (That’s not the case.)

So…how’d you do? Amazing, right?! I’m sure you did. Go forth and conquer Monday; you’re more than ready for it. See you all back here tomorrow morning for a Fundamentals post that you are already well-prepared for!

Author: Beka