News and Notes : 4.5.13

Players coming, players going. These are the days of our lives. Or the News and Notes from 4.5.13

Players coming, players going. These are the days of our lives. (Or the news from 4.5.13)

Did it snow where you were this week? It snowed here in Upstate NY, and while that’s hardly news around here even in early April, it’s still unfortunate. I love snow, but come spring, it’s worn a hole in the welcome mat.

In other news:

The preseason schedule was released. Which, while preseason games are not generally cause for celebration, is actual game-news in early April, 3 months into the football dry spell. So it’s cause for unmerited celebration.

(Little known fact: teams schedule their own opponents for the last week of preseason. The Bears and the Browns have played each other in the final game for the past 10 years.)

Think the Pro Bowl could benefit from a little excitement? The NFL does too. (I actually love the Pro Bowl…but I think I’m the only one.) They’re thinking about implementing a draft-style format to the selection of teams. I’m not sure how much I love that idea, but I am definitely curious to know more.

Jason Hanson, who has been the only consistent piece of the Lions puzzle over the past two decades, has decided to retire after 21 years with the Lions. 21 years! That’s quite a career in the NFL, even for a kicker. In the end, it was a heel injury that ended things for him, otherwise he would have come back for year 22. Unreal.

Matt Flynn, the former Packers backup QB who after one great game was given an unbelievable contract by Seattle only to be beaten out by rookie phenom Russell Wilson, is now on his way to Oakland. Poor kid can’t buy a break.

Carson Palmer, now-displaced Raiders QB, is on his way to Arizona. He’s been named the starter already…even though the Cardinals staff brought in Matt Barkley, entering the draft from USC, for a workout this week.

What about the now-displaced Cardinals QB’s? John Skelton is out of a job, and Kevin Kolb is shuffling off to Buffalo. I’m not sure who bears the bigger burden.

And we could continue this trend and figure out who now-displaced Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will be, in turn, displacing, but we’re going to pull the plug here because if history has taught us anything this offseason, it’s that this game could go on forever. The moves and rumors of moves are never-ending.

And that’s Friday.

Author: Beka